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Organize your files, folders
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Taggtool introduces a new way to manage your digital files using the power of short words called tags.
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How do I add tags to a file?

1) Right click on a file in explorer, select 'Add Tags'

step 1

2) Enter some descriptive tags

step 2

3) Whenever you need the file, press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T then enter a tag into the search box

step 3

What kind of files can I tag?

You can add tags to any file you like including PDF's, MS Office documents, photo's,
audio and video files.

You can add tags to files on home computers, network shares and removeable media
such as CD-ROM's/DVD's or flash disks.

Taggtool is 100% Safe - rather than embed tags inside files we store the tags and a link to the original file in a small but powerful database, this means that your files are never modified.

Taggtool in the Press

"5 out of 5 stars, Essential" findmysoft

If you're getting hooked on tags for things like your browser bookmarks or your e-mail,
Taggtool takes it one step further" pcworld

"Extremely quick searches" micromart

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